Toddlers Content

We are pleased that you are considering All About Kids to be your partner in the care and education of your child. Our commitment is to provide you and your child with the best in education and childcare. We are very proud of our accreditation by “Accredited Professional Preschool Learning Environment” (APPLE) and our “Gold Seal” status.  APPLE accreditation is nationally recognized for excellence in pre-school education.


Our curriculum focuses on cognitive development: problem solving, logical thinking, and symbolic thinking skills. The toddler’s daily experience is filled with stimulation materials and developmentally appropriate activities.  At All About Kids, behavior is modified with positive reinforcement and teacher modeling. Every activity throughout the day is an opportunity for a learning experience.

One Year Olds

The toddler grows rapidly, mastering new skills daily according to his or her own timetable. During this stage, All About Kids will foster and promote literacy and socialization skills.  Communication skills are essential at this developmental stage.  We introduce the children to beginning sight words through active play and through their environment. Our teachers nurture and guide the children, so that they feel supported throughout the day.  All About Kids’ unique curriculum will build confidence that will last a lifetime.

Two year Olds

At two years old, children are eager to learn. Through play, they develop skills in language proficiency, further refinement of physical development, gross motor skills and fine motor skills. All About Kids’ teachers nurture and guide the children, thereby encouraging and supporting each child’s emerging self.

Parent Communication

All About Kids emphasizes a strong partnership with our parents. This is accomplished through several methods, including frequent written progress reports, newsletters, parent-teacher conferences, and activity posts and pictures sent to you daily. We encourage involvement with our parents through periodic events, trips, and literary experiences where we ask the parents to attend and participate. Make your child feel special and enthusiastic about their learning experience, participate and play a role!